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JH Norman New construction modern coastal intercoastal home.  Large impact windows professional window cleaning Boca Raton. Boca Raton Fl 33432
Logo for Sea Spray Window Cleaning.  Local window cleaning company in Boca Raton FL

We specialize in coastal, contemporary, waterfront homes and oceanfront estates where details matter and are a priority.

If you enjoy clean windows, we can help!

Want to clean and protect your windows safely?

Are you frustrated that the last time you hired a "cleaning company," the windows still looked cloudy and dirty or worse after they were done?

Have crusty salt residue on your windows and frames?

Do national franchises with high employee turnover make you anxious about having different people at your home each week? 

Only need exterior windows cleaned?

Want regular recurring window cleaning maintenance?

Have French pane windows that build up and hold dirt?

Want to keep your impact windows clean?

Private coastal estate Ocean front compound.  Offering weekly professional window cleaning, to wash the salt spray off the glass and window frames.  Highland Beach FL 33487



Whether your home is located directed on the beautiful coastal beachfront or near the ocean breeze along the intercoastal waterway, we can provide multiple cleanings weekly or bi-weekly if needed. Weekly exterior cleaning is highly recommended when located near the coastal beach or on the oceanfront. This helps keep all the salt from the sea spray with heavy winds causing salt crusting on the glass, seals, and frames from building up. This helps prolong the life of the frames from pitting because of the corrosive salt residue and has the best results in between service visits, to enjoy cleaner windows each week.


If your property has multiple layers and levels with beautiful landscapes and planter beds, we have the right tools to clean your windows properly. Safely and effectively from ground level to second, third, and some fourth stories, without the need for a ladder in most situations. ​ Whether your property is in a more shaded area with large shade trees, we can help keep your windows clean from mildew and algae build-up on your glass and frames with regular and consistent cleanings. Also, suppose your property has dozens or even hundreds of windows and frames, and your home is located on the coastal beachfront or in close proximity to the ocean salt breeze. In that case, we can create a cost-effective program to clean sections or main viewing areas weekly or multiple visits. Then as needed clean all of the windows of the entire property on a consistent basis to help save on cost.


From classic Florida ranch-style homes to premier residential homes or new post-construction premium detail clean-up, we can help! If dirty windows and screens frustrate you and you're looking for your windows to be clean around your home consistently, we can definitely help you out!

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