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Professionally Window Cleaning in Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club Near The Boca Raton Resort in Boca Raton FL


We are a family-owned and operated premium window cleaning company based out of Boca Raton, FL.  We started many years ago, after meeting a need for a landscape management client who was frustrated and uncertain with their previous house management and window services.  They had a high turnover volume of different unsavory employees inside their homes and the decline in consistent quality work they expected.  


Our growing clients, from homeowners to custom builders, are thrilled and delighted with their results! 

We offer incredible detail and consistent, reputable, dependable service, whether you need weekly or monthly visits.


  • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, or Monthly Exterior Window Cleaning 

  • Hard water spots removal or calcium build-up on glass from sprinklers or runoff from concrete exterior walls of a home

  • Bird and bug-dropping removal

  • Paint removal off glass weather spot drops or heavy overspray

  • Salt build-up on glass windows and frames

  • 2-3 story window cleaning from the ground, peace of mind for homeowners with the safest way to clean windows!

Professional window cleaning muti step with razor in Boca Raton FL.
Modern Coastal Home Build by JH Norman construction
About Us
Professional interior window cleaning. Boca Raton FL

How we clean post construction:

  1. First, we document and take pictures of all windows inside and outside.

  2. Then we flush and rise off all glass windows and frames for the exterior windows. Then for the interior windows, we will soap and scrub multiple times if needed depending on the build-up inside.

  3. Next, we heavily soap and scrub each window one to two times to help lift all the micro-layers of dirt, dust, and grit from the many months or years of the building process.

  4. Next, we thoroughly flush and rinse all the glass and windows and will repeat the heavy soap and scrub process, if needed, depending on the situation.

  5. After removing the first layer of grime, we inspect each window and document for scratches, chips, silicone, and paint overspray.

  6. Next, we will do up to 4 multiple-step detail cleaning with a fresh new razorblade, new pads, and tools to detail each window. 

  7. Then we will soap, scrub, and squeegee each window one to two times and wipe down the window frames.

Post-construction window cleaning:

After a custom home finishes up the construction, from our experience, we have seen minor damage to windows and glass caused by others in the post-construction cleaning. The first cleaning can put the most risk of causing damage to the glass windows. Typically, with a post-construction cleaning, a cheap and quick cleaning service will be used, or someone on the construction team will "wipe them down." We found that this was when micro-abrasions scratched into the new glass, resulting in surface damage to windows from the layers of grit and layers of dust. The direction premium homes are being constructed here in South Florida, just windows alone can be $80k to well over $500k part of the building project. So why would you risk leaving the most critical cleaning to a traditional "quick and dirty" company?


How most others do post-construction window cleaning:

  • Wipe down all the windows and frames, typically with the same rags. They clean the rest of the house in a bucket of dirty water, resulting in disappointing results afterward. Only to have the owner or builder hire another cleaning crew to repeat the same disappointing process.

Wine Cellar interior glass cleaning.  Boca Raton
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